Expect more from your corn silage hybrid.


At Glenn Seed, we believe that the best corn silage hybrids deliver more than high grain yields to achieve optimal feed performance. For 30+ years, we have been breeding and testing our Leafy and Floury Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids to meet the complex agronomic and nutritional requirements of the dairy and beef industries. In this time, our hybrids have become a different type of corn plant. They offer a superior balance of effective and digestible fiber, more rumen-available starch, and boast silage-specific agronomics such as high total plant yields and long harvest windows. They need less time in the silo before they can be fed and produce high quality milk and beef dependably and economically. Leafy and Floury Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids deliver value and security to dairies and feedlots through the synthesis of their unique silage qualities.


Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids

Named after the Leafy gene that produces a distinctive plant with 8 or more leaves above the top ear, the advantages of growing and feeding a Leafy Corn Silage Hybrid begin with these extra leaves. But the benefits don’t end there.

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floury leafy corn silage hybrids

Featuring the same silage specific characteristics as Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids, but with more rumen-available starch for milk production. Starch QUALITY is the key to higher milk and meat yields!

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